What Else?!

It’s time to pull the brake, this ride is over! Just kidding, here’s a bit of closing info about me.

My name is Alex Rakic, I live in the beautiful Vancouver, Canada and I created this website for several reasons. I have a passion for cars and I have tons of content that needs a place. My (other) passion and profession is graphic design and web development. Put all these things together and you get what I’ve created here. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website and hope it was informative, engaging, and fun on some level.

Finally, just for the record, this website is not endorsed by BMW or any other organization, this is purely a personal project that allows me to share my passion of cars and graphic design all in one.


Quick Shout Out

Just a quick hello and acknowledgement to my friend Uros who’s helped me with some of my car projects and just general car knowledge. Check out his blog!

Get in Touch!

Location: Vancouver, Canada

If you have any questions, comments, compliments, complaints or just wanna say hello, I would love to hear from you! Email me or use the form.