Where Are We?

As in where are we in this journey?

I think the journey has just begun and it has a long way to go. We’ll see, but I hope there’s a lot more years to come.

Every drive in my bimmer is a part of the journey, heck sometimes I don’t even get inside and there’s something notable going on.

The following list illustrates some of the more exciting (and sometimes peculiar) things that I’ve done with my E39.

Boring Drive Ahead (Except E39s)

Events That Matter!

In reverse chronological order.


March 3rd

Mar. 3

New Flat Logo

BMW has gone and done it! They have gone flat with their design logo. I personally prefer flat over the 3D embossed logo, but I hope they are able to use it properly in the coming years, it will be interesting to track.


June 29th

Jun. 29


175,000km milestone has been reached. Ironically it’s exactly 2.5 years to the day since the 150k mark, some things just have a way of working out better on their own than with intention.


June 20th

Jun. 20

4 Years

Owning this guy for 4 years today! After this long, many get a new lease for a new car, but I’m not in that business. 36,015km down and many more to go.


March 24th

Mar. 24

Auto Show + BMW i3 Test Drive

For the third straight year I went to the Vancouver International Auto Show with my friend Uros but this time I got my hands on a BMW i3 for a short test drive. It was a very exciting experience, and boy that easy acceleration was fun.


March 7th

Mar. 7

Happy 100 Years!

BMW is an awesome 100 years young today. Sitrep: BMW is a global leader in automotive design and technology offering an amazing line-up of cars and motorbikes for every type of man. Let’s keep up they great work for another 100.


July 28th

Jul. 28

Alberta Road Trip

This has been the greatest test for the Bimmer so far under my ownership. After 3,104km in 13 days, it did just fine. Find out all about the trip here.


March 25th

Mar. 25

Vancouver International Autoshow 2015

For the second straight year, I attended the Autoshow in Vancouver. I think I spent 50% of my time in the Bimmer section.


December 4th

Dec. 4

Seattle Road Trip

It was time for another Seattle road trip and this is first one with the bimmer. If you really want to know more about this trip, you can read more about it here. 597km travelled.


November 22nd

Nov. 22

Mtech Trim Upgrade

The Mtech Trim Upgrade required a tremendous amount of research and patience. In the end, it all worked out and I learned a lot more about the process that I could have imagined at the start. This is why we do these kind of things, right?!


October 24th

Oct. 24

BMW i3 Test Drive

I got a chance to experience the BMW i3 in the flesh and from the back seat. That acceleration is unreal! Here I learned more about the BMW i line-up.


September 6th

Sep. 6

Squamish Hike (and Drive)

Took a drive to Squamish for a hike and captured some pics along the way on a beautiful summer’s day. Total distance travelled: 143km


July 26th

Jul. 26

Website Inception

I’m always looking for creative personal projects and this time I got the idea to create a website to encompass my passion for cars.


July 13th

Jul. 13

World Cup 2014 Celebration Tour

After supporting The German National Football Team for over a decade, they had finally won the big one! Once the final concluded in Rio, me and a friend went driving around town joining the celebrations in the streets.


March 26th

Mar. 26

Vancouver International Autoshow

Absolutely nothing to do with my car, but I got the chance to checkout some of the current generation models to see how they stack up against my 13-year-old beast.


December 29th

Dec. 29

150k on the Odometer

My first big milage landmark was reached. It was at night and I needed to get off the highway and pull over somewhere so I can grab a pic. The dedication I tell you! Or is it obsession?


December 16th

Dec. 16

M5 Wheels Upgrade

The tires were worn out and needed replacing! So why just replace the tires when you can go for the M5 sports wheels?! The choice was simple!


April 30th

Apr. 30

Whistler Road Trip

A spontaneous trip as is always the case with my cousin. First time going to Whistler was fantastic and I got to stretch the bimmer’s legs on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Total distance: 271km


January 7th

Jan. 7

Out of Gas!

On this day, I truly found out how much gasoline my car needs! The first and only ever time I’ve driven a car that has gasped for gas and eventually stopped. Interesting experience to say the least.


November 28th

Nov. 28

Suspension Overhaul

At the time of the car purchase, there were a few suspension issues that needed to be looked at. So I took care of it!


October 17th

Oct. 17

Oregon Road Trip

Cars are made for road trips, so it was time for one. I decided to go to Portland and Oregon Coast for the first time. I went with my cousin and we travelled a total of 1,389 km.


October 10th

Oct. 10

First Photoshoot

After a few months, it was time for a photoshoot, of course. With multiple camera’s we caught a few nice shots in and around Stanley Park.


June 24th

Jun. 24

The World Reveal

It took me only 4 days, but I had finally gave into the urge to post my first photos on social media. The reason I’m wearing shorts in the photo is because I had just finished a tennis match at Burnaby Open.